Enlit Europe



November 28, 2023

TerraPraxis is happy to announce its presence at this year's Enlit Europe Summit. Join us and our partners for a 3-days conference that gathers 15,000 energy professionals, 700 exhibitors, and 500 speakers who will present on the latest industry developments helping to accelerate the energy transition.

Fed Supernova

Capital Factory


August 22, 2023

Join TerraPraxis' Senior VicePresident, Jon Guidroz, at Fed Supernova. This event connects entrepreneurs, government, and industry together to collaborate on dual-use solutions that put commercial technology in the hands of the DoD. This 3-day event accelerates defense innovation by creating a unique, once-a-year opportunity for the entire ecosystem to converge with a shared mission in the hottest innovation hub in the country.

Nuclear Energy in a Low-Carbon Future: Key Facts and Issues

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Clean Air Task Force


August 1, 2023

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Clean Air Task Force are offering a three-day course “Nuclear Energy in a Low-Carbon Future: Key Facts and Issues” on August 1–3. The course is organized by MIT’s Jacopo Buongiorno, Tokyo Electric Power Company Professor in Nuclear Engineering and director of science and technology for the university’s Nuclear Reactor Laboratory. TerraPraxis' Co-CEO, Eric Ingersoll, and Board of Director Member, Jacopo Buongiorno will be lecturing on the topic of the 'Cost Challenge'.

30th Symposium on Fusion Engineering

UK Atomic Energy Authority


July 10, 2023

The IEEE Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE) is a biennial conference with a focus on fusion excellence. SOFE2023 will be held in Oxford and it is only the second time that it has taken place outside of the US, the first time it has been in Europe. The event was hosted by UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and brought the global fusion community together. TerraPraxis' Founding Partner and Co-CEO, Kirsty Gogan, gave a talk on "Developing a fast, low-cost, and repeatable system to decarbonize the global coal fleet with fission and fusion by 2050".

Nuclear Energy: Status and Future

Sustain Southern California


June 1, 2023

Eric Ingersoll presented at the Sustain SoCal which brought together a panel of experts in the nuclear energy field (fusion and fission) who gave a high-level overview of where the industry stands today and where it is going.

New Nuclear Summit 2023

City & Financial Global


May 18, 2023

This conference is the second edition of the New Nuclear Summit. This year, the conference served as a platform for the UK Government officials, key nuclear stakeholders and other industry experts to discuss the key issues involved in the UK’s nuclear renaissance. The discussion also included a review of new nuclear outside the UK.

SMR & Advanced Reactor 2023

Reuters Events


May 4, 2023

TerraPraxis was very pleased to have taken part in this event featuring Small Modular and Advanced Reactors. Thanks to our colleagues from Anthropocene Institute, we have been able to participate as sponsors and speakers, where both of our Co-CEOs and Founding Directors featured our Repowering Coal program of work.

Economic Aspects of Repurposing Coal-Fired Power Plants with Nuclear Power Plants

International Atomic Energy Agency


April 5, 2023

In April 2023, TerraPraxis took part in this IAEA webinar that discussed economic considerations around the potential for repurposing retired or operating coal-fired power plants with nuclear power plants to support climate change mitigation. This webinar provided an opportunity to highlight current case studies in this area, including potential economic benefits, identified challenges and possible solutions.

SMR readiness and the launch of the NEA SMR Dashboard

Nuclear Energy Agency


March 13, 2023

Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Dashboard launch, which includes analysis of 21 SMR designs and the progress towards their deployment and commercialisation. TerraPraxis Founding Director, Kirsty Gogan joined a panel of experts that discussed the energy planning priorities of potential end-users.

South by Southwest 2023



March 12, 2023

This year, TerraPraxis joined its partners from Anthropocene at this exciting festival, where TerraPraxis had a chance to show our work on REPOWER.

Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence



March 7, 2023

TerraPraxis is honored to be featured at the newly inaugurated Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence grand opening. Our Founding Partners and Co-CEOs, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll took part of the Grand Opening and presented REPOWER.

Interregional Workshop on Education and Training tools and Knowledge Transfer for SMRs

International Atomic Energy Agency


February 27, 2023

The purpose of the workshop was to explore the challenges in developing an adequate level of competence and experienced personnel to operate and maintain the new generation small modular reactors that may have a different kind of operating organization structure and their personnel may need a different set of competencies and expertise.

Enlit Impact Circle



February 16, 2023

Kirsty Gogan, and Eric Ingersoll, Founders of TerraPraxis participated in the Enlit Impact Circle, where a group of select experts gathered to give shape to the upcoming Enlit Europe conference programme.

Distributech International



February 7, 2023

Did you know that coal plants can be repurposed with advanced reactors to become clean energy generators? TerraPraxis and our partners from Microsoft and Schneider Electric gathered at DISTRIBUTECH to showcase the largest single carbon abatement opportunity on the planet.

Unleashing the co-benefits of nuclear power

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


February 7, 2023

TerraPraxis Founding Director and Co-CEO, Kirsty Gogan, participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by the IAEA Director General Rafael M. Grossi on ‘Unleashing the co-benefits of nuclear power.'