TerraPraxis at nyc climate week 2022

From Pledges to Progress: Technology’s Role on the Path to Net Zero

Microsoft President and Vice Chairman Brad Smith championed Repowering Coal at Climate Week 2022. Climate Week was held in Ney York City from September 19-25, 2022.

TerraPraxis Co-founders, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll joined Microsoft President and Vice Chairman Brad Smith on the main stage for Microsoft’s Sustainability Briefing, where Brad Smith announced how Microsoft’s collaboration with TerraPraxis is a key example of how Microsoft-enabled digital technologies could accelerate the low-carbon energy transition.

On stage, Eric Ingersoll expressed the importance of this collaboration:

"If we don’t have a climate strategy that includes these people, we don’t have a climate strategy"

On September 2022, Microsoft and TerraPraxis signed a collaboration agreement to deliver a digital solution to support the repowering of over 2,400 coal-fired power plants to run on carbon-free energy.

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