TerraPraxis is a non-profit organisation, founded to design and implement strategies that leverage science, technology and energy innovation. Our focus is on accelerating action for climate and prosperity, by enabling high-impact rapid transitions for the toughest parts of the decarbonisation challenge. 

BRAVE: We design ambitious strategies and solutions that rise to meet the challenge of climate change at the necessary scale

TerraPraxis designs ‘impossible burgers’ for climate: low cost, fast, repeatable solutions-at-scale, that are not dependent on worldwide behaviour change. It is essential that we recognise the scale of the climate problem and design solutions appropriately. Our aim is to deliver clear strategies, design, and engineering work ready for implementation. Achieving the results we need will demand working with an alternative vision of how we can solve climate change: one centered around ambition and optimism, and guided by global visionary leadership.

DEEP: We collaborate at every stage, because our work must be both inclusive and iterative if we are to have the climate impact needed, at the scale and speed required

TerraPraxis recognises that we cannot afford to leave any stone unturned if we are to successfully combat the climate crisis. This means that all possibilities must be explored, and all partnerships pursued. We are developing a vast network of partners focused on realising innovative solutions, and growing engagement on climate action at all levels around the globe.

REAL: We act to prevent suffering, create resilience, and protect nature for planet and prosperity

TerraPraxis works with the understanding that our goal is human prosperity and well-being on a livable planet.  To solve the climate crisis our actions must arise from empathy, and tend to the most vulnerable, and most at risk of being overlooked. We undertake this mission passionately and with determination. The goal is not advocacy, but the delivery of solutions, action, and positive change. Our motivation in the pursuit of empathetic and human climate action will provide the momentum needed for others to do the same.

What do we do?

We define innovation pathways to achieve results at the cost, speed, and scale necessary for widespread decarbonisation, by mobilising customers, governments, industry, investors, NGOs and regulators around recommendations on policy and market incentives; technical, supply chain, siting and licensing requirements; and access to finance.

Through a combination of rigorous analysis, relationships of trust, and an alignment of values with key influencers, we map transformative solutions onto the uncharted territories of decarbonisation that are presently absent from the discourse. 

We organise global leaders, including innovative developers, governments, regulators, NGOs, shipyards, and marine and aviation fuels consumers, around demands for new solutions (for coal plant conversion, flexible co-generation, hydrogen and synthetic fuels production). Our goal is to inspire and mobilise these leaders to initiate activities, across a multitude of fields, that will generate and sustain their own momentum.

TerraPraxis’ accomplishments include: 

  • Reframing the climate and energy discourse to focus on risk (particularly of failing to decarbonise) orienting towards adaptive management informed by infrastructure development requirements and constraints
  • Defining market requirements (target cost, performance) to address hard-to-abate areas
  • Designing delivery models based on known industrial capability to achieve target costs, rates of deployment and scale relevant to global markets for full (affordable) decarbonisation within 30 years
  • Incorporating cost, performance and deployment inputs into selected energy system models (US, UK) demonstrating market demand and transformative decarbonisation potential.


Enabling rapid global decarbonisation, building prosperity, protecting nature, and social justice:

  • Producing carbon-neutral fuels for aviation, shipping, transport, and industry
  • Flexible power generation to complement renewables
  • Advanced heat sources (fission, fusion, geothermal) to supply heat, power, fuels, fresh water and protein

Coal plant repowering:

  • Creating an initial $500B market for advanced reactors in the US to expand globally
  • Profound social, economic, and environmental justice benefits
  • Major contribution to de-risking the clean energy transition

We are sharing these innovative strategies through global outreach campaigns and events, such as the 12th Clean Energy Ministerial in June 2021, and the recent 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

Kirsty Gogan, Eric Ingersoll, Lena Kollar visit Kenya’s Rift Valley Olkaria geothermal fields near Hell’s Gate National Park in 2019.


Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll originally worked together at LucidCatalyst, a consultancy that helps clients develop thought leadership and innovative strategies to address climate change as well as human and economic development goals. Together with the LucidCatalyst team, they found themselves pursuing significant independent work which they saw as necessary to combat the climate crisis, but for which there was no active client. Such work included the Missing Link to a Livable Climate report, articles for publication, and frequent complimentary high-profile advocacy at events, conferences, and meetings aligned with reaching audiences and stakeholders. While taking on this work on their own time, Kirsty and Eric understood there was a need for a non-profit organisation to pursue similar, vital projects. Therefore, they founded TerraPraxis, to undertake innovative projects, including Repowering Coal, the dissemination of the Missing Link report about hydrogen-enabled synthetic fuels through short Insights reports and translations, etc. With the support of Founders Pledge, Anthropocene Institute, and other philanthropic funders, TerraPraxis is able to scale up the delivery of high impact strategies for climate and prosperity. TerraPraxis is among the few climate NGOs working on the "hard-to-decarbonise" sectors, partnering with academics and experts on innovative solutions.


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