About US

Powered by philanthropy, Terra Praxis designs transformative strategies to address the most significant risks to the energy transition — mapping uncharted decarbonization territory.

Our mission is to innovate and accelerate scalable, equitable solutions for unsolved areas of the climate challenge.

We envision universal access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy that empowers people and protects nature.

Our Values in Action


We are acting on the urgency and scale of the climate emergency.


We leverage the power of the market to scale.


We build coalitions of diverse public and private stakeholders to address complex coordination problems.


We are outcomes-driven.


We build climate justice and equity into our solutions.


We are technology inclusive.


We design solutions that do not depend on individual behavior change.

Our Theory Of Change

Repurposing existing infrastructure to run on emissions-free energy and produce emissions-free fuel is a practical, achievable, scalable, and equitable way to reach Net Zero by 2050.


The world has until 2050 to replace fossil fuels and double our overall energy supply

Global carbon emissions continue to rise each year, driven by demand for fossil fuels, despite decades of public and political support for action on climate and large-scale deployment of renewable energy. At the same time, almost one billion people lack access to modern electricity to power their lives, which hurts the health and economic mobility of women and children most.

Fossil fuels will continue to make up the vast majority of world energy use by mid-century, putting people and our planet on a trajectory to experience deadly climate impacts, unless we develop alternatives that compete on price and performance. 

our solutions

We are designing strategies to accelerate the reduction of global carbon emissions by repurposing trillions of dollars of existing infrastructure to supply affordable, reliable, and emissions-free energy.


We are leading a global consortium to develop a fast, low-cost, and repeatable system to decarbonize the global coal fleet – the single largest source of emissions – with emissions-free heat by 2050.


Zero-Carbon FUELS

We are designing a method for delivering clean, low-cost hydrogen to replace oil and gas in shipping, aviation, and heavy industry.


We exist to De-Risk the Energy Transition

Launched in 2021, Terra Praxis is a nonprofit organization that builds on decades of experience and relationships of trust, leveraging the expertise of our co-founders, Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll, and their team in driving energy innovation.

Terra Praxis was born out of the realization that a massive re-imagination of our global energy system is needed to address climate change and energy poverty. There is a widening gap between decarbonization policy targets and the real world of clean energy deployment. It is highly probable that the world will fail to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 and experience catastrophic climate change in this century unless new solutions are pursued at speed and scale.

Terra Praxis shines a light on risks to the global energy transition that are constraining the deployment of clean energy at speed and scale (e.g., land availability, transmission build, public support/opposition, and project risk). With this clear-eyed perspective, Terra Praxis then designs and innovates scalable solutions in response to these challenges.

Terra Praxis leads deep engagement with industry, governments, regulators, academic institutions, energy systems modelers, and other NGOs to diversify and expand the range of tools available for deep decarbonization – ensuring the broad range of applications for emissions-free heat sources (for coal plant conversion, clean hydrogen, synthetic fuels production, and flexible co-generation) are – for the first time – fully represented in climate and energy models, policies, and market solutions.


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