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TerraPraxis is recognized as one of the most effective organizations tackling climate change.

When you read our 2021 Annual Review, you will see an organization that –during its first full year of operations– has contributed to a permanent change in both the perceptions of, and potential solutions to, the world’s biggest problem – decoupling energy and carbon emissions.

In this section you will learn why leaders in the Effective Altruism movement and beyond support TerraPraxis:

Founders Pledge Climate fund prospectus (2021)

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"TerraPraxis is a new organisation headed by Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll, a renowned advocate for (next-generation) nuclear power as a key piece of the climate solution puzzle. They focus on nuclear as a complement, rather than a competitor, to renewables with important applications beyond electricity, such as for industrial heat as well as hydrogen production. The organisation makes the case for a broad portfolio of solutions to the twin challenges of climate change and energy poverty. We support the scaling of this organisation through our Fund because we believe that TerraPraxis has an essential message and a good shot at becoming a well-known, impactful organisation in the climate space..."

TerraPraxis featured by William MacAskill, Author and originator of the Effective Altruism movement, in his new book: 

what we owe the future (2022)

“We know we are winning against climate change if carbon emissions decline, and the more the better. Each of us can encourage clean-tech innovation through political advocacy or by funding or working for effective nonprofits like Clean Air Task Force or TerraPraxis.”

William MacAskill, Author and originator of the Effective Altruism movement

Navigating the changing landscape of climate philanthropy (2021)

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"We believe that TerraPraxis continues to do incredibly important work around shaping a conversation for advanced nuclear to address critical decarbonisation challenges, such as the decarbonisation of hard-to-decarbonize sectors and the conundrum of how to deal with lots of very new coal plants that are unlikely to be prematurely retired.

As a very small organization and with a relatively small pro-nuclear funding landscape, TerraPraxis has not been able so far to scale to its full potential. For this reason, we not only invested in TerraPraxis’s programmatic work, but also in its organisational capacity..."

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“We believe that TerraPraxis continues to do incredibly important work around shaping a conversation for advanced nuclear to address critical decarbonization challenges, such as the decarbonization of hard-to-decarbonize sectors and the conundrum of how to deal with lots of very new coal plants that are unlikely to be prematurely retired,” write Johannes Ackva and Luisa Sandkühler in their report for Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge Climate Change Executive Summary (2020) 

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"Why do we recommend them?

  • Focus on energy innovation, especially in advanced nuclear power, a highly neglected but important energy technology
  • Led by Kirsty Gogan, one of the most articulate advocates for nuclear power 
  • Funding is highly likely to be additional, as they find it hard to fundraise and would otherwise fund their non-profit work via paid consultancy work
  • Providing them with seed funding will both produce direct impact and is a great learning opportunity to see what they can do with additional philanthropic funds

TerraPraxis works on one of our priority interventions within climate change – promoting energy innovation, with a particular focus on a neglected but important energy technology – advanced nuclear power. Most research suggests that we will need a huge scale-up of nuclear power, along with renewables and other technologies, if we are to avoid dangerous climate change.

Inspite of that, there is almost no philanthropic support for nuclear advocacy in Europe, and relatively little in the US, and potentially as a result, limitedpolicy support for nuclear either. TerraPraxis is a small organisation that helps to correct this imbalance. Nuclear power is the largest source of zero-carbon electricity in both the US and the EU, is one of the safest and cleanest energy technologies available, and has been scaled up rapidly in the past to decarbonise electricity systems in Sweden, France and elsewhere.

TerraPraxis staff are a trusted voice on energy policy for nuclear for many national governments, especially in the UK, the US and Canada. They have also been successful at shaping the conversation among influential international organisations and institutions, such as the International Energy Agency, the US National Renewable Energy Lab, ARPA-E (the US government energy innovation body), and the Clean Energy Ministerial.

Why do we trust this organisation?

TerraPraxis is led by Kirsty Gogan and Eric Ingersoll, who previously co-led the non-profit Energy for Humanity. Both Kirsty and Eric are strongly motivated by both climate and humanitarian concerns -– committed to decarbonising energy in a world of rising energy demand by making sure that we make use of all of the low-carbon energy tools available to us. One of the main reasons we recommend TerraPraxis is that we believe that Kirsty Gogan is one of the most articulate, credible and compelling voices on the role that nuclear energy can play, along with renewables and other technologies, in solving the climate challenge. Many of the experts and civil servants we spoke to in the UK and North America share a similar view. She has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior advisor to the UK Government on climate and energy policy.

Eric Ingersoll is a highly regarded advisor and entrepreneur who complements Kirsty Gogan’s skills as an advocate with high-quality technical work. Eric has been an interim leader or strategic advisor to over 30 startups. He raised over $100 million of private equity for General Compression, a wind energy storage company which he founded, and was lead inventor of technology. He has led an array of projects related to regulatory, financing, and project delivery barriers in the nuclear sector for a variety of clients, including government agencies in the US and abroad, including the development of a definitive cost study on advanced nuclear technology."


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