Beautiful Nuclear

The Beautiful Nuclear report shows how nuclear energy helps meet all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). No other electricity generation technology can match this diversity of beneficial impacts. The priority for preventing irreversible climate change is decarbonization. In the context of the increasing urgency of the need to replace fossil fuels, the case for expanding the range of low carbon options, including nuclear is crucial. We call for a whole system approach to the energy transition and for evidence-based decision making.

Learn how nuclear energy aligns with the SDGs and about frequently asked questions regarding nuclear energy below.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


No Poverty


Zero Hunger


Good Health & Well-Being


Quality Education


Gender Equality


Clean Water & Sanitation


Affordable & Clean Energy


Decent Work & Economic Growth


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure


Reduced Inequalities


Sustainable Cities & Communities


Responsible Production & Consumption


Climate Action


Life Below Water


Life on Land


Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions


Partnerships for the goals

The climate emergency is here — with millions of people living in coastal areas, if we don’t make drastic changes, we are talking about crises of migration, politics, and security. We need to find solutions now — as we did with vaccines during the pandemic."

Shauna Aminath, Cabinet Minister of Environment & Climate Change for the Maldives

Nuclear Energy FAQs

How does Nuclear Energy Save Lives?
What is the Environmental Impact of Nuclear Energy?
What About the Spent Fuel?
What About Radiation?
WhaT About Safety and Accidents?
What About Mining?

Nuclear is beautiful because its tiny land use and lifecycle footprint protects nature and delivers civilization-scale, abundant clean energy. Both of these are fundamental to our future health, well-being and prosperity on this planet."

Kirsty Gogan, co-founder of Terra Praxis, report co-author

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