Beautiful Nuclear

The Beautiful Nuclear report shows how nuclear energy helps meet all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. No other electricity generation technology can match this diversity of beneficial impacts. It emphasises that the priority for preventing irreversible climate change is decarbonisation, not the creation of energy systems which are 100% dependent on renewables. In the context of the increasing urgency of the need to replace fossil fuels, the case for expanding the range of low carbon options, including nuclear is crucial. We call for a whole system approach to the energy transition and for evidence-based decision making. We advocate extending the resource and effort that has successfully driven down the cost of solar and wind energy, and accelerated their deployment, to all low carbon technologies.

Beautiful Nuclear Report

LucidCatalyst was commissioned to write this report with the collaboration of experts from various organisations.

TerraPraxis endorses this report and is collaborating in its dissemination.

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Nuclear is beautiful because its tiny land use and lifecycle footprint protects nature and delivers civilisation-scale, abundant clean energy. Both of these are fundamental to our future health, well-being and prosperity on this planet.

Kirsty Gogan, co-founder of TerraPraxis, report co-author