Repowering coal: scaling up the energy transition



May 17, 2023

Co-host Anna and Megan Pulliam, TerraPraxis Chief Development Officer, talk about the greatest carbon abatement opportunity in the world: Repowering Coal Fleets with emissions-free heat sources, such as fission and fusion reactors. This initiative, led by TerraPraxis , aims to convert the world's 2400 coal plants in the world into clean energy sources, bringing countless benefits to human health and economic prosperity for communities.

Nuclear seen as key part of mix for clean hydrogen

Reuters Events


May 3, 2023

The production of clean synthetic fuels is key if we want to decarbonize the economy to achieve the urgent clean energy transition. This article highlights how hydrogen produced from clean energy sources needs to step up, nuclear energy could be a big player in its production and offers some key advantages over other clean forms of energy sources, such as land use and costs.

Ep125: Kirsty Gogan "Annual Update: All Things Nuclear"

Cleaning Up


April 26, 2023

On the day this episode was recorded, Germany shut down its last 3 nuclear power plants - active assets producing massive amounts of clean energy. Michael Liebreich and Kirsty Gogan discuss what drove this decision and its consequences. They also share their thoughts on how nuclear energy's role in the clean energy transition, though now recognized and proven, still struggles to make its way.

Startup Showcase: TerraPraxis – Innovating Scalable Solutions for a Livable Planet

Brutal Tech News


April 17, 2023

TerraPraxis featured as Brutal Tech's startup showcase.

"As a climate solution accelerator, TerraPraxis is accelerating solutions that have the potential to scale and have a significant impact on the decarbonization challenge."

TerraPraxis 2022 Annual Review



April 6, 2023

Widespread impacts from climate change are already here. Our actions in this critical decade will determine the full extent of future impacts on our children and grandchildren. In our 2022 Annual Review, you will see how, with our world-class sustainability partners, Terra Praxis is the only entity designing a scalable, rapid repowering system to decarbonize the entire global coal fleet by 2050. This is how we plan to eliminate one-third of global carbon emissions and provide a method for supplying affordable, reliable, and emissions-free energy to billions of people. With global coal consumption reaching record highs in 2022, solutions like this are needed now more than ever.

Why ‘nuclear energy is the answer to the climate emergency’

Power Engineering International PEI


March 22, 2023

"We are still not treating the climate emergency as if it was an emergency" is one of many of Kirsty Gogan's insights during her interview with Pamela Largue at Enlit Europe. This article highlights the key issues Kirsty addressed in terms of why nuclear energy should be part of the energy transition in order to address the climate urgency.

Seaborg joins TerraPraxis coal-to-nuclear initiative

World Nuclear News


March 13, 2023

TerraPraxis and Danish floating nuclear power plant developer Seaborg have agreed to assess Seaborg's Compact Molten Salt Reactor (CMSR) as a potential heat source to support the rapid decarbonisation of the global coal fleet.

CERAWeek 2023: Microsoft launches the Energy Transition Center of Excellence

Microsoft Industry Blog


March 7, 2023

To meet their net-zero goals, companies need support across their energy transition journeys to reduce CO2 emissions, capture and store carbon, generate green hydrogen, repower coal, and optimize wind turbines. The new Microsoft Center of Excellence will showcase leading energy transition solutions and give customers an opportunity to learn first-hand the solutions offered by Microsoft and our global partner ecosystem.

How small modular nuclear reactors can help decarbonize power grids



January 29, 2023

US climate change not-for-profit TerraPraxis has proposed repowering 5,000 to 7,000 coal plants globally with SMRs between 2030 and 2050. Whether replacing coal in power plants or supplying industrial processes, SMR reactors have the potential to be installed in a packaged fashion based on standardized designs and processes. This should mean they can be deployed more quickly and with greater certainty over the likes of outcomes, costs and regulatory approvals than nuclear power has to date.

Why Shipyards May Be The Future of Fission

Robert Bryce


January 20, 2023

The biggest challenge facing the future of the global nuclear sector can be summed up in one word: scale, we aren’t building new reactors fast enough to make even a small dent in global greenhouse gas emissions, which continue to rise. However, shipyards have the production capacity to churn out reactor vessels at the scale needed to make a difference in the global electricity mix. Indeed, they have the ability to build powerships at rates that could transform the nuclear industry.

TNB to invest RM20b annually over 28 years to support country’s net-zero plan

The Edge Markets


December 5, 2022

Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) plans to invest RM20 billion worth of capital expenditure annually over the next 28 years to support the country’s net-zero agenda.

Ingemar Engkvist on WANO's key nuclear industry role, plus Nuclear at COP27

WNN Podcast


December 1, 2022

In the news round-up for November, the focus was on the role nuclear played at COP27. World Nuclear Association's Jonathan Cobb and Henry Preston report on the conference and from some of the expert sessions staged at the IAEA #Atoms4Climate pavilion, including a session featuring TerraPraxis Co-Founder, Kirsty Gogan.

Want to fight climate change effectively? Here’s where to donate your money



November 29, 2022

TerraPraxis has been listed among eight of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations fighting climate change. Why Johannes Ackva and Luisa Sandkühler of Founders Pledge recommend TerraPraxis: “We believe that TerraPraxis continues to do incredibly important work around shaping a conversation for advanced nuclear to address critical decarbonization challenges, such as the decarbonization of hard-to-decarbonize sectors and the conundrum of how to deal with lots of very new coal plants that are unlikely to be prematurely retired.”


TerraPraxis and Microsoft


November 28, 2022

"What I love about what you’re doing is that you’re taking the opportunity to look at these coal plants, and not just close them down, but turn them into something new and better,” Microsoft President and Vice Chair, Brad Smith, said at the launch of our new EVALUATE application, enabling every coal plant owner in the world to assess their coal plant for conversion to clean energy.

The Climate Change Fund at Two

Founders Pledge


November 28, 2022

This fall Founders Pledge is celebrating the two year anniversary of their Climate Change Fund. Thanks to this fund, TerraPraxis was able to quick start operations in 2020 and continue its growth and expand its work streams throughout these years. This post will give a high-level overview of how the Fund's money has been hard at work (i) accelerating innovation in neglected technologies, (ii) avoiding carbon lock-in in emerging economies, (iii) promoting policy leadership and paradigm shaping, and (iv) catalytically growing organizations during the past two years.