REPOWER is a strategy that will enable the world to end its reliance on fossil fuels. Led by Terra Praxis and partners in the global REPOWER Consortium, REPOWER aims to harness the power of emissions-free advanced heat sources (fission, fusion, and geothermal) to decarbonize the largest sources of global carbon emissions (coal, industrial heat, and heavy transport) at the speed and scale required to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

“You all are addressing perhaps the greatest problem in the world.” — Brad Smith, President, Microsoft

Our Strategy

Terra Praxis is leading a global REPOWER Consortium to execute a strategy for deploying a fast, low-cost, and repeatable solution for repurposing existing coal plant facilities and building new business-critical energy supply to meet the massive growing demand from commercial and industrial energy users (e.g., data centers, steel, cement, aviation, shipping) that cannot be met with intermittent renewable or conventional nuclear energy.

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