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VOX—TerraPraxis has been listed among seven of the most high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based organizations fighting climate change. Why Johannes Ackva and Luisa Sandkühler of Founders Pledge recommend TerraPraxis: “We believe that TerraPraxis continues to do incredibly important work around shaping a conversation for advanced nuclear to address critical decarbonization challenges, such as the decarbonization of hard-to-decarbonize sectors and the conundrum of how to deal with lots of very new coal plants that are unlikely to be prematurely retired.”
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TerraPraxis hosted Energy Day at the Climate Action Solution Centre (CASC): De-Risking the Terawatt Transition—in parallel with COP26—at which key stakeholders revealed new near-term climate-scale strategies to compete on price and performance with fossil fuels that will break through the world’s largest and most difficult carbon emissions challenges: coal, and liquid fuels.
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NEW CIVIL ENGINEER—Bryden Wood and TerraPraxis have announced ambitious plans to repurpose the world’s coal fired power stations to accommodate modular nuclear reactors in a bid to decarbonise the global energy sector. Unveiled at COP26, the plan suggests replacing coal fired boilers at existing power plants with Advanced Heat Sources (Gen IV Advanced Modular Reactors) to deliver a substantial portion of the clean electricity required to achieve net zero by 2050.
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Repowering Coal

This ambitious project will design a process to repower the world's coal fleets via a fast, repeatable system resulting in carbon negative power plants that are cheaper to operate than before and ensure continuity for communities reliant on these plants for energy and jobs.

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Our report reveals how untapped options for clean hydrogen can put the world back on the pathway to the Paris climate goals​—if sufficient, low-cost, clean hydrogen is produced to replace oil and gas in shipping, aviation and industry. The amount of hydrogen required is far more than can be produced with renewables alone, but anew generation of advanced modular reactors could produce enough climate-neutral fuel to displace the 100 million barrels of oil that are currently consumed around the world each day.

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Beautiful Nuclear

This report by LucidCatalyst shows how nuclear energy helps meet all 17 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. No other electricity generation technology can match this diversity of beneficial impacts. The report argues that the priority for preventing irreversible climate change is decarbonisation, not the creation of energy systems which are 100% dependent on renewables. It is critical to take a whole system approach to the energy transition and for evidence-based decision making. In the context of the increasing urgency to replace fossil fuels, the range of low carbon options must include nuclear.

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