microsoft & terra praxis

Microsoft is a founding partner of Terra Praxis' global REPOWER Consortium. Our collaboration with Microsoft shows what’s possible when motivated and creative individuals are empowered to tackle our biggest climate challenges.

Brad Smith, President and Vice Chair, Microsoft; Kirsty Gogan & Eric Ingersoll, Founding Directors & Co-CEOs, Terra Praxis.

strategic collaboration

On September 15, 2022, Terra Praxis and Microsoft signed an agreement to deliver a digital solution to tackle a significant decarbonization challenge – repurposing over 2,400 coal-fired power plants worldwide to run on carbon-free energy. Terra Praxis is combining its deep expertise in energy with Microsoft to build and deploy a set of tools to automate the design and regulatory approval needed to decarbonize coal facilities with nuclear power, helping transition one of the world’s largest sources of carbon to zero emissions. Press Release »

Jon Guidroz, SVP REPOWER, Terra Praxis; Melanie Nakagawa, Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft; Kirsty Gogan & Eric Ingersoll, Founding Directors & Co-CEOs, Terra Praxis.

Jump-Starting the Global Deployment of Nuclear Energy

On “Energy Day” at COP28, Microsoft published a comprehensive new Policy Brief on the vital role of nuclear energy in meeting our clean energy goals: Accelerating a Carbon-Free Future: Microsoft Policy Brief on Advanced Nuclear and Fusion Energy. The strategic collaboration with Terra Praxis and our work on REPOWER is cited as an example of how Microsoft is leveraging digital technology to support an inclusive decarbonized energy system. Terra Praxis welcomes the leadership being demonstrated by Microsoft in recognizing the critical role of advanced nuclear in the clean energy transition. Learn More »


Terra Praxis and Microsoft are working together to build and deploy a set of tools to automate the evaluation, design, and regulatory approval processes needed to transform coal plants into viable clean energy investment opportunities.
"What I love about what you’re doing is that you’re taking the opportunity to look at these coal plants, and not just close them down, but turn them into something new and better,” Microsoft President and Vice Chair, Brad Smith, said at the launch of our EVALUATE application at COP27, enabling every coal plant owner in the world to assess their coal plant for conversion to clean energy.
Learn More About Evaluate »

Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President Energy & Resources Industry, Microsoft; Kirsty Gogan & Eric Ingersoll, Co-CEOs, Terra Praxis; Jon Guidroz, Chief Strategy Officer, Energy Industry

microsoft technology centers

Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) across the globe showcase leading energy transition solutions and give customers an opportunity to learn first-hand the solutions offered by their global partner ecosystem.

The Houston Microsoft Energy Transition Center of Excellence was launched in March 2023 with nine partners. Each boasts an exhibit where customers have the opportunity to see precisely how these companies are working to make their operations healthier for the planet, from decarbonization to new, clean energy solutions. Terra Praxis showcases REPOWER, a standardized system that is helping to repurpose coal plants to create clean energy. Houston MTC Launch »

3D model of a repowered power plant at the Asia MTC.

Microsoft Experience Center Asia

The Energy Transition Studio at the Microsoft Experience Center Asia in Singapore delivers immersive experiences to address the challenges of companies operating in Asia Pacific. The studio features solutions from strategic partners including Terra Praxis, where REPOWER is featured through a special interactive, 3D model of a repowered coal plant and video explaining REPOWER's value in the clean energy transition. Learn more about the Singapore Energy Studio »

digital fastlanes

Microsoft is working on tests to speed the nuclear project site permitting process using AI with Terra Praxis. Microsoft employees provide the coding; Terra Praxis supplies nuclear regulatory expertise. AI could cut as much as by 90% the amount of human hours spent getting a new nuclear power plant approved. Learn More »

To reach Net Zero, we must come together and develop new sustainable power sources, as well as transform what already exists. Terra Praxis’ solution to transform coal-fired power plants into carbon-free energy sources is a great example of the innovation the world will need to create a sustainable future.

Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President, Microsoft