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World Leaders Announcements about Role of Nuclear Energy in Decarbonisation at TerraPraxis Energy Day Summit

Glasgow, 8 November, 2021 — World leaders announced initiatives and solutions for decarbonizing the global energy sector, at scale and with urgency, at the TerraPraxis Energy Day summit at the Climate Action Solution Centre (CASC), running in parallel to COP26. To view the full remarks of climate scientist Jim Hansen, Ambassador Bonnie Denise Jenkins, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security of the  U.S. Department of State, President Mohamed Nasheed and White House Climate Advisor, Jerome Foster II, please follow the link below. Watch video of each speaker and the entire TerraPraxis Energy Day summit event.
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Statement from Energy Expert Eric Ingersoll on COP26 Transport Day and Deployment of Clean Synthetic Fuels

Glasgow, 10 November 2021 —  “Carbon neutral air travel is vital to keeping the global economy moving and connecting people while progressing toward net zero. Emissions-free heat and power from advanced nuclear energy can enable large-scale production of cost-competitive carbon neutral, or carbon negative, clean synthetic fuels. As global prosperity increases, more people want to travel and our goal should be to enable that while also cutting emissions. On Transport Day at COP26, both airlines and passengers should be calling for rapid deployment of clean fuels.”
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Jigar Shah of U.S. DOE Announces $11 Billion in Loan Financing to Accelerate Repowering of Coal Plants with Nuclear Energy at TerraPraxis Energy Day Summit at COP26

Glasgow, 3 November 2021 — Today, at the Energy Day summit at the Climate Action Solution Centre (CASC) in parallel to COP26, Jigar Shah, Director of the Loan Programs Office at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), addressed significant financing for repowering existing coal infrastructure with advanced nuclear reactors to accelerate the transition away from reliance on fossil fuels.
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Statement from Nuclear Energy Expert Kirsty Gogan on COP26 Draft Calling for “Phase Out of Coal”

Glasgow, 10 November 2021 — “The draft deal at COP26 is strong on theory but falls short in practice on phasing out coal. It is highly unrealistic that the world will simply “phase out coal” when coal is booming at record levels, fuelling the post-pandemic global economic recovery. The prospect of closing even crumbling old coal plants is met with such fierce political resistance that it has stalled climate policies in countries like the U.S.
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