John Herter

Director of Projects

John is skilled in new energy technology deployment with an emphasis on hydrogen, energy
storage, nuclear energy, and renewables, and has delivered an array of consulting projects
related to cost reduction, regulatory, financing, and project delivery barriers in the energy
sector. John has spent the past 15 years working for economic and corporate strategy
consultancies as well as clean energy start-ups.

John led the development of a report on advanced nuclear costs and has been involved in
developing several capitalization strategies to take different types of nuclear technologies
through to commercial demonstration. John’s professional experience spans advancing
energy storage policy in California (promoting incentive programs and new market
mechanisms to compensate energy storage for its value to the grid) and leading project
development efforts for large-scale, first-of-a-kind energy projects.

With 15 years of GIS experience, John has led detailed site selection analyses for solar and
utility-scale energy storage projects and has created GIS-based decision support tools for
the EPA’s Climate Change Division and other federal agencies.