RISE3D Journal

NICE Future initiative

December 2023

The Case Series, a community-focused case series journal, was developed as a part of this campaign, using submissions by participating countries and partner organizations. The journal, released annually, demonstrates how advanced and innovative nuclear energy technologies, such as small modular reactors, will support the clean energy transition in a variety of community contexts.

In this edition, explore findings such as those from the RISE3D Kenya case study, where modeling from existing and forecasted plants are being carried out to the main load centers to determine the best scenarios to simulate based on current energy policies and forecasted demand and projected plants. Or the South Pole Station RISE3D case study, which is part of a 3-year campaign to demonstrate ways in which nuclear energy can transform communities, advance environmental justice and equity, uplift economies, and improve quality of life for remote, off-grid or islanded communities.

Terra Praxis contributed with a report on the just energy transition, and fact-sheets on repurposing coal plants with advanced nuclear; 4 solutions to achieve Net-Zero and energy systems modeling.

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